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I'm trying to equip from the chest on the map. Please tell me how, in this case, without going to the menu to get dressed thing? In the previous version of the plugin (SRD_CharacterCreator.js) update occurred instantly. Thank you.

This doesn't seem to work... I keep getting an error

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Thanks for your work!

Do you have somewhere where we can contact you, like a Discord or something? I get an error message: cannot read property 'name' of undefined. Here is the console log:

I added all the plugins in the specified order except DynamicActors and MessageFaces, which I didn't add at all.


That's weird, when did the message appear? I tested as much as I could think, but there is always a chance of missing something...
And are you using MV or MZ?

I can see a bit of the console on the bottom, but that's the "Elements" tab, the console is the second one at the top. It is easier to check problems there

The message appeared when I tried to open the editor. I'm using MZ.

By "the editor" do you mean the creation menu or the SuperTools window?

I tried both, and could not reproduce your problem...

Could you show your plugin manager?

And are you using FOSSIL? My plugin assumes you are.

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I meant the character creator, sorry for being unclear. I did use FOSSIL. I turned off the VisuStella plugins and still got the error, so it's probably not that.

Sorry, but I just used the same plugins as you did - save visustella ones and that charmaker (what is that, by the way?), in the same order, and still got no error...

And without being able to reproduce it, it is hard to fix it.

Whas it in a new game, loading a saved one? What was the plugin command you used?